Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

What is secondary damage?

This hotel suffered water damage in multiple rooms so we decided to put up containments to save as much as possible. Then, we dried the affected areas to avoid ... READ MORE

Water Mitigation Procedures

A leaking roof caused some damage to this commercial business. Water damage seems to occur when you are gone for the day. A pipe may burst, spewing water throug... READ MORE

Greenville Fire Restoration

Cleaning up after a big fire takes a lot of work and experience. Our team of fire restoration experts has a lot of experience with cleaning up residential and c... READ MORE

What happens when your Church Floods?

This building needed a lot of work to give back to its congregation. The flooded building needed a lot of extraction and equipment. With this much water a "tras... READ MORE

Open for Busienss!

Flood water can put your business at risk. The water is considered a category three water damage by the insurance industry. Category three means that it is high... READ MORE

Flooding Mitigated by Landscaping

Landscaping is more than just a beautiful display of plants. It can also function as a way to prevent having a flooded building on your hands. Be sure that your... READ MORE