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Image of a SERVPRO employee extracting water from a carpet at a local pharmacy

When should I call a water damage cleanup company?

Large and small water damages in a commercial building should be cleaned up by professionals. Your business doesn’t have time to wait when it’s trying to make a profit. Commercial insurance companies understand this and have multiple types of insurance to cover water damage problems. However, having to dip into the businesses interruption insurance means your business has had to shut down. We want to keep your business open throughout the cleanup process as best as possible to help avoid having to close down during emergency cleanup services.

Commercial Flood Cleanup

Cleanup of Flooded Businesses

Once the flooded restaurant is cleaned and disinfected we layout our drying equipment. The drying has to be finished before we can start the rebuilding process. Mold can grow on wood and drywall if not dried quickly.

Flooded Restaurant Cleanup

Commercial Flood Cleanup

After a flood, our company is the best call you can make. There is a lot of damage after a flood and your business needs to get back to work. Let us do the hard work and get your business back to business.

Commercial Desiccant

The Workhorse of Commercial Drying

The 5000 CFM Desiccant is the only way to dry a large commercial building that is filled with water. It pumps out the moist air, dries it, and then pumps in hot dry air. It can get your business back to normal faster than using the smaller ones.

Carpet Cleaning in Greenville Business

Water Damage Cleanup in Greenville

Water damage can be unforgiving and unexpected, especially when it means you need to shut down your business. Our rapid response teams understand this and will do everything in our power to get you taken care of and back open to business in the fastest, most professional way possible. One of the ways we can do this is by saving damaged goods and restoring them, when possible, saving the customer considerable time and money. 

Sometimes regular cleaning isn't enough.

Sometimes even regular care and cleaning just isn't enough to get the job done right. Give us a call and let us take care of those deep cleaning needs. Our professionals can handle jobs of any size and environment, even in factory or commercial environments.